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  • Essay on Poetic Theory
    By Brenda Hillman 2006

    I’m thrilled to be presenting a lecture honoring Judith Stronach to many colleagues and friends, and I’m grateful to Ray for publishing this series of lectures by poets—I feel fortunate...

  • Essay on Poetic Theory
    By Annie Finch 2005

    Even at this late-postmodernist moment, when self-defined innovative poetry needs to build on a long tradition of previous self-defined innovative poetry, such poetry still defines itself in opposition to tradition....

  • Essay on Poetic Theory
    By Ann Lauterbach 1998

    In May 1998, the critic Michael Brenson organized a symposium at the Rockefeller Foundation in New York at which a number of people in the arts were asked to consider...

  • Essay on Poetic Theory
    By Nathaniel Mackey 2005

    Performance is a bothersome word for writerly poets. Performance art, poetry slams, and the like have made the term synonymous with theatricality, a recourse to dramatic, declamatory, and other tactics...

  • Essay on Poetic Theory
    By Adrienne Rich 1993

    The society whose modernization has reached the stage of integrated spectacle is characterized by the combined effect of five principal factors: incessant technological renewal, integration of state and economy, generalized...

    Black and white photograph of Adrienne Rich sitting at a desk, surrounded by piles of books.
  • Essay on Poetic Theory
    By Amiri Baraka 1963

    Speech is the effective form of a culture. Any shape or cluster of human history still apparent in the conscious and unconscious habit of groups of people is what I...

  • Essay on Poetic Theory
    By Margaret Fuller 1846

    A DIALOGUE. POET. CRITIC. Poet. Approach me not, man of cold, steadfast eye and compressed lips. At thy coming nature shrouds herself in dull mist; fain would she hide her sighs and...

  • Essay on Poetic Theory
    By Barbara Guest 2000

                     There is an invisible architecture often supporting    the surface of the poem, interrupting the progress of the poem. It reaches into the poem in search for an identity with the...

    Black and white image of an ornate steel and glass ceiling.
  • Essay on Poetic Theory
    By Gerard Manley Hopkins 1864

    To Alexander William Mowbray Baillie Sept. 10. 1864. Dear Baillie,— Your letter has been sent to me from Hampstead. It has just come, and I do a rare thing with me, begin at...

    Tight-cropped, black and white, side profile of Gerard Manley Hopkins.
  • Essay on Poetic Theory
    By T. E. Hulme 1911

                                                      [Speculations, 113—40] I want to maintain that after a hundred years of romanticism, we are in for a classical revival, and that the particular weapon of this...

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