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Begin in delight, end in wisdom.

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Featured Writing Activity

    • Illustration of colorful figures using pencils and pens to make lines on notebook paper. The figures float on books on a yellow background.
      Learning Prompt

      Today’s prompt is the opposite of a spelling bee. We’ll look at poems wherein the poet intentionally gets standard English spelling or grammar wrong. They might do this in order...

    • Glossary Term

      Related to acrostic, a poem in which the first letter of each line or stanza follows sequentially through the alphabet.

Poems for Teens
    • poem
      By Louis MacNeice
      The room was suddenly rich and the great bay-window was
      Spawning snow and pink roses against it
      Soundlessly collateral and incompatible:
      World is suddener than we fancy it.

      World is crazier and more of it than we think,
      Incorrigibly plural. I peel and portion
      A tangerine...

    • poem
      By Kevin Young
      Praise the restless beds
      Praise the beds that do not adjust
           that won't lift the head to feed
           or lower for shots
           or blood
           or raise to watch the tinny TV
      Praise the hotel TV that won't quit
            its murmur & holler

    • poem
      By Tess Gallagher
      I go to the mountain side
      of the house to cut saplings,
      and clear a view to snow
      on the mountain. But when I look up,
      saw in hand, I see a nest clutched in
      the uppermost branches.
      I don’t cut that one.
      I don’t cut the...

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